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Protect important animal rather than kill it

protect, don't kill animals "Carnation terrorized by cougar," says the newscaster. "The cougar was small and thin," says the person that shot it. Why do people feel sufficiently threatened by a small, thin animal to have its life terminated?
   Our environment is so denuded of native life, both plant and animal, that a concerted effort should be made to protect an important and beautiful animal like a cougar rather than kill it. The killing of this animal only indicates the ignorance of the population and its lack of effort to pursue more informed methods of self-preservation.
   As an African, I have walked among wild animals, including lions. This is not a trivial undertaking, but proves that if there is knowledge of the animals' behavior, most danger can be avoided.
   Knowledge is the key. If people were knowledgeable about the behavior of wild animals, they could take the necessary precautions and avoid harm.
   Why not teach the children about animals and their behavior rather than create emotional panic and conduct this indiscriminate killing?

Margaret Brinck, Ph.D., Carnation