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Mistake to vote down bond issue

bond issue As a property taxpayer within the City of Woodinville, I'm affected by what city voters elect to pay for.
   I think the voters made a mistake by not agreeing to pay $12.68 a square foot for the 10.5 acres of land that includes City Hall, a pool, sports fields, etc. Those facilities are all currently utilized, and comparable facilities could not be bought elsewhere for anywhere near the school district's $5.8 million price. (The near extra $1.7 million included in the failed bond proposal was presumably for the extra three acres of parking??)
   I suggest the city submit another bond proposal to the voters for only the $5.8 million cost of the school district's land and facilities. Later remodeling and extra parking could be covered by a future bond proposal to be voted up or down by the electorate.
   As to suggestions that the school district donate the land and buildings to the city, what of other Northshore cities that might expect similar gifts. (We can expect the Northshore School District in future bond elections to account for the $5.8 million received from the City of Woodinville.)

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville