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Plans may ruin Woodinville's reputation

Woodinville's reputation In response to Bob Dixon's letter: Thank you, Bob Dixon, for keeping us informed of the real issues from a fresh perspective and look at the city of Woodinville. It is your lack of "special interests" that keeps your opinions true and honest. Those of us who want to know the other side of an important issue greatly appreciate your viewpoint.
   I find it ironic and contradictory that there are cries from the majority on the City Council to keep the "historical" buildings and character of Woodinville while at the same time they are "excited" about bringing the megastores, including the prestigious Target store and a multi-theatre complex, to the town center.
   This plan to bring in the megastores to Woodinville should go into the book on "How to trash a small quaint town using one simple plan." Hasn't anyone seen the town of Cannon Beach, Oregon? Or Kirkland? Where art and small town business are the main attraction? They bring more business to the town as a result of their quaint small town reputation.
   What kind of reputation will Woodinville have now with these "new" plans? Don't ask!

Karyn F. King, Woodinville