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When citizens say 'no,' respect their wishes

respect citizens' wishes I find the pattern still exists for Woodinville ... to totally ignore any elections until they result in what "you" want.
   I was against the incorporation of Woodinville (and the squabbles, etc., prove I was right) and had to combat the disregard of the election results that kept saying "no!" Already the "city" is on an ego trip and will not stop until the "no's" give up and they can spend all that money.
   These actions of "repeat" elections are making a travesty of our election process, and are becoming a disgrace. The "Seattle Commons" was criticized for repeating their request, but I see no one criticizing the school system for doing the same thing ... each time they don't like the results. Wear the "no's" out until they surrender to "yes!"
   We moved from Woodinville due to the constant increase of taxes, so when the citizens say "no," respect that!

Leonard B. Dossinger, Everett