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If we don't buy it, we will lose it

buy it or lose it In the Letters to the Editor last week, two gentlemen asked why Woodinville has to buy the Sorenson school from the Northshore School District when we as taxpayers already own it.
   They are correct that taxpayers own it. The question is which taxpayers, and the answer is that all the taxpayers in the Northshore School District own it. I am not sure of the exact figure, but I would guess that Woodinville residents are only a tenth of the total taxpayers in the district. I agree that it would be wonderful if the school district could just give the whole thing to Woodinville, but they can't.
   If I were a school district taxpayer in Kenmore or Bothell or in King or Snohomish Counties, I would be hopping mad if the school district gave Sorenson to Woodinville! The school board, by law, has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers in the district, and giving away Sorenson would violate that trust.
   Regardless of whether King County built the pool, and regardless of whether it was King County that refurbished the ballfields just three years ago, the school district has legal title to all of it. If we don't buy it, we will lose all of it. If we don't buy it, Northshore School District will honor its fiduciary responsibility by selling it to the highest bidder. And you can bet that buyer will not make it a community center.

Cynthia Brocha, Woodinville