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Allow a vote on UPD-FCCs

vote on UPD-FCCs Mega-developments Blakely Ridge and Northridge are planned to be built on a wooded hilltop, three miles east of Redmond, where they will spawn an "urban island" surrounded by rural neighborhoods.
   The State GMA Board has ruled that this UPD plan is in direct violation of the Growth Management Act. The citizens of the Bear Creek area oppose them by more than a 70% margin. The city of Redmond is on record as officially opposing them. Our council member, Louise Miller of District 3, and Brian Derdowski of adjoining rural District 12, oppose them and voted against Blakely Ridge last December.
   These "cities" will worsen an already unbearable traffic situation while their water demands will mean higher water prices and shortages for everyone in King County. Their runoff will add to Snoqualmie Valley flooding, and the county even admits that they now have excess urban capacity to accommodate their 20 year growth projections without them.
   Why are members of the urban districts on the King County Council so determined to destroy our quality of life and bring urbanization to a neighborhood that doesn't want it? Is it fair that the pro-developer members, led by Chris Vance and Jane Hague, should be free to give huge approvals to developers that have contributed heavily to their campaigns, but won't affect their districts?
   Let the voters of District 3 vote on them. Give us a say in the future of our community. Then, for a change, honor a vote and our choice for our district's neighborhoods.

Michael Costello, Redmond