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City Council approves Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--Making room for 1,800 new households and creating 2,000 new jobs as mandated by the state has proven no small task for a city only three years old, but following two-and-a-half years of work, the City Council passed the first reading of the Comprehensive Plan last Thursday, voting 5-0.
   Mayor Bob Miller, Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, and Councilmembers Lucy DeYoung, Scott Hageman, and Barbara Solberg voted for the plan; Councilmembers Marsha Engel and Art Saulness were not present.
   The city has added sections beyond the required land-use, housing, transportation, capital facilities, and utilities, with sections outlining policies on human services, economic development, community design, and parks and recreation, as well.
   At second reading of the ordinance, set for June 24, staff and City Attorney Wayne Tanaka will be responding to a concern expressed by a citizen that the increased density for his land within a 20-year plan will have him paying property taxes for uses not yet imagined.
   Because the Growth Management Act and the required Comprehensive Plan drafted by cities and counties is a relatively new process, staff said they will look into the legality of a phased approach to protect property owners from such an effect.
   Woodinville's Planning Director Ray Sturtz said the citizens and community should be very proud of this undertaking.
   "In my 25 years, this is the hardest working Planning Commission I've ever seen," said Sturtz. "Compared to other cities of this size, they've done an outstanding job. Other cities are amazed at the depth and obvious amount of work that went into this document for a city of this size."