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Woodinville introduces two new police officers

Illingworth & Barnes

Mary Pat Illingworth (left) and Craig Barnes are Woodinville's newest finest.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

new police officers by Jeff Switzer
The City of Woodinville's community police force has said goodbye to Mark Konoske and Nick Minzghor--who have moved on to other assignments--and are greeting Officers Craig Barnes and Mary Pat Illingworth.
   Barnes is a Master Police Officer who has been with King County Police for six years and in law enforcement for 17 years. He holds a degree in business administration and is a field training officer.
   Barnes was an instructor in police science in California and a member of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. He is experienced in patrol operations, special weapons, and tactics teams. He has lived in the community for six years.
   Illingworth is the newest member of the Woodinville squad and has been with King County Police since 1987. She has had extensive experience patrolling in Woodinville and has had a detective assignment in the city. She is also a field training officer for new recruits and a crime scene specialist.
   Illingworth is a certified training instructor for the state, is proficient in unarmed defensive tactics, and recently returned from Japan after having a firsthand look at community policing while attending a karate tournament.
   The new officers will be working with Woodinville officers Kent Baxter and Tiffany Atwood.
   "They're all eager to work here and they'll work well together," said Police Administrator Sgt. Rich Krogh. "They're looking forward to getting involved in the community. They do a good job policing and are open-minded enough to jump into the new community policing concepts."