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Sudden illness hospitalizes Valley View carrier

sudden illness Jack Fariss, a longtime Woodinville Weekly employee, has been hospitalized by a case of double pneumonia stemming from an attack of severe arrythmia he suffered in a Fall City restaurant two weeks ago.

Guest Column

Summer time is reading time

summer reading by Richard W. Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education
Studies show that over the summer, students can lose up to three to four months of the reading and writing skills they acquired during the school year.

Letters to the Editor

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Teachers not only teach, they inspire

teachers who inspire I recently had the opportunity to serve as a panel member for the Woodinville High School Senior I-Search Project.

Proposed civic center property a plum for the city

a plum for the city Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Walgamott are opposed to the City of Woodinville acquiring the Sorenson School for use as a community complex. I cannot resist stating the facts about the ownership of the Sorenson School site.

Sorenson purchase would be a 'win-win' situation

'win-win' situation Recently, questions have surfaced regarding the ownership and sale of the Sorenson School property in Woodinville. The primary question asks why the citizens of Woodinville should pay for the property and facilities a second time when they have already paid for it.

Tourists want to plan an outing to a unique little rural village

unique rural village Graham Currie, former Duvall planning commissioner and city council member, is not the only one who thinks the City Council is ruining our unique rural town (Letters, June 3).

Young readers write

This column presents excerpts from letters written by young people concerned about today's issues and events. More letters will appear in following weeks.

Recycling good for environment, health

recycling Every person consumes 600 pounds of paper each year. Of that amount, only 25% is recycled in the United States.

A teen's life

A teen's life Trapped, seeing the world pass me by... A lot of people feel like this. One way to help problems is to seek help and work on a positive attitude.

Education can provide drug use turnaround

drug use turnaround If you watch television or read newspapers, you know a drug problem exists among teenagers today.

Sports gets more attention in schools than education

sports vs. education Is there too much time and effort being spent on sports compared to education in schools?