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Sports gets more attention in schools than education

sports vs. education Is there too much time and effort being spent on sports compared to education in schools?
   Athletics offer many skills for students to learn, which might not be accomplished otherwise. For example, student athletes learn how to set goals and to work together to reach those goals as a team, which is not something easily learned or understood out of a textbook. They also learn leadership, socialization, and cooperation skills, and to be determined, dedicated, and motivated.
   Research has shown that many student athletes have a higher GPA than the average student, but what type of classes are these students taking? Easier classes to maintain their athletic eligilbity?
   When was the last time you attended a meeting concerning science? Or the last meeting concerning a sports-related topic? When was the last time a student attended an academic pep rally? Or went to a special recognition ceremony for biology? The last assembly that I attended at my Junior High was a pep rally for third season sports.
   Americans have an obsession for sports, but making that obsession a part of my education isn't right. I go to school to learn and to hopefully become better prepared for my future, not to attend pep rallies for the last few hours of the school day or to take easier classes to maintain my athletic eligibility.
   We need to think about our future and what we want it to hold for us. We need to refocus and readjust our priorities. We need to present this issue to school boards and other people in the community, or no change will ever take place.
   Thucydides once said, "What is honored in a country will be cultivated there."

Mechelle Gamble, Bothell