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Tourists want to plan an outing to a unique little rural village

unique rural village Graham Currie, former Duvall planning commissioner and city council member, is not the only one who thinks the City Council is ruining our unique rural town (Letters, June 3).
   The majority of us moved here to get away from the congestion and frustrating way of life of nearby cities. We liked the peaceful rural atmosphere of Duvall. So, please explain why the City Council takes this greedy attitude that bigger is better.
   Do we really want to be another Redmond, or Bellevue? We definitely don't need another shopping mall. As Mr. Currie said, if we feel the need of a bigger shopping area, let Monroe, Woodinville, or Redmond fill our needs. They are only a few miles away.
   Over the past years, some of the residents have tried to convince the council they were headed in the wrong direction, but would they listen? No! Now the city is facing a huge lawsuit, and the city is on the verge of bankruptcy. It seems to me the time has come for them to realize how short-sighted and wrong their decisions have been, and they should make a quick turnaround.
   Instead of annexing more property, why not improve what we have. The first step should be an aesthetic one. Whatever happened to your sign ordinance? Outlaw all these "cheapie" signs along the sidewalks and telephone poles and on some of the buildings. I realize advertising signs cost money, but quality ones (such as the one in front of the Valley Bank) will pay off in the long run and improve the look of our town.
   The above is just one of the suggestions I have, and I'm sure others could provide many more.
   Wake up, city councilmembers, and keep our town small. If you aren't capable of this, please step aside or get help.
   Tourists don't want to visit another Redmond, but they do want to plan an outing to a unique little rural village as Duvall was and still can be.

Doris McFarland, Duvall