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Two seek First District seat

Rep. Mike Sherstad

Judy J. Janes

Rep. Mike Sherstad.

Judy J. Janes.

First District candidates by Jeff Switzer
Incumbent Rep. Mike Sherstad, R-Bothell, has announced he is seeking a second term in the Legislature's First District. He will face Democrat Judy J. Janes, an Edmonds School Board Member, this fall.
   In his campaign, Sherstad is emphasizing lower property taxes, local control in education, and citizen choice in healthcare.
   "We want to give maximum control to the individual citizen with as little government intervention as possible," Sherstad said. "I think government can be made significantly smaller and still be effective."
   Janes, who has served nine years on the Edmonds School Board, is a small business owner. She says she is running because of worries about divisiveness in the community.
   "Our current state representatives are dividing our community and promoting their own ideology rather than helping people pull together to solve problems," Janes said.
   She says the problems of education, growth management, transportation, and crime can't be solved when the community is divided along religious or ideological lines.