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Cats vanish from Brook Trails homes

missing cat

Bori is one of the missing felines from Brook Trails.

cats vanish by Matt Schroeder
Mystery surrounds the disappearance of at least nine housepets in Brook Trails Estates and surrounding neighborhoods. The area, near Avondale Road and NE 155th street, has been plagued in the past two weeks by incidents of cats vanishing inexplicably.
   One theory put forward by the owners of the missing pets involves the earthquakes that have been occurring recently in the Duvall area. A 3.1 quake registered in Duvall June 9 at the time of many of the disappearances. Strange animal behavior is sometimes attributed to seismic phenonoma.
   One neighbor in Brook Trails reported seeing a line of cats traveling through her yard. She said she had never seen anything like it in her many years of residence. A boy in another neighborhood reported seeing 10 cats in an empty lot. Neither of these occurrences, apparently, is typical cat behavior.
   The mystery took a darker turn, however, when Marvin Parsons discovered the half-eaten remains of a tiger-striped white and yellow cat. Many of the residents now suspect a bobcat may be the culprit.
   Bobcats have previously been sighted at the nearby Tolt River Pipeline, and one family at Brook Trails reported seeing a pair of the big cats on their property recently.
   Two house cats owned by Lynn and Walter Maas were missing for a time, and when they reappeared, they were injured.
   Dr. Quindt, D.V.M., treated both of the cats at the Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital. While he was unsure of exactly what caused the injuries, he confirmed that they were not the work of a dog or coyote. He also said that whatever injured the Maas's cats was more powerful than another housecat.
   Dr. Quindt pointed out, however, that the odds of a cat, especially an injured cat, escaping a bobcat are very low.
   Although there are a number of possibilities, nobody knows for certain what has happened to the eight missing cats and a dog around Brook Trails Estates. The residents have posted warnings in the neighborhood and are keeping their pets indoors.
   Karen Vertner, a resident of Brook Trails Estates, is missing a tan and black Balinese named Bori, a much loved family pet. In an effort to find the cat, Vertner has taken out a newspaper advertisement.