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Commissioner resignation submitted

resignation submitted It is with deep mixed emotions that I must resign effective today as Fire Commissioner of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District. I have new career responsibilities that require extensive travel away from the state and will be unable to attend the necessary meetings.
   The first 10 years as commissioner were very rewarding for me and I consider myself very fortunate to have been part of such an excellent group of people. During this period, we responded to the challenges of rapid growth and changing needs. We created an excellent team of people providing first class fire and medic services to our community. I am proud of the way we worked with our employees and constitutions, always with an open door policy, listening to their needs and implementing their desires.
   These past six months have been far less than enjoyable for me, and I am not at all proud of, nor have I participated in the inconsiderate and disrespectful treatment of our citizens and employees.
   I challenge this board to be honest and up front with employees, the citizen committee, meeting attendees, and yourselves. I challenge you to set an example of leadership, and earn back some respect and trust that have been lost recently.
   I also challenge you to replace me with someone that is fair, honest, considerate, open-minded, and not a political implant with a private agenda. The position should be advertised and resumes should be reviewed during open session.
   As servants of the community and commissioners, you should always be willing to answer questions from the floor during a meeting. If you are doing a good job, you have nothing to hide.

Jim O'Dell, Woodinville