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Utilize Duvall's new trucks

Duvall's new trucks This is directed at Duvall City Hall. I have really never written a negative-type letter on any issue. But today I am, as my concern is dealing with how we are all having our taxes spent.
   I mean, we have absolutely nothing to say about how they're spent. I thought there was a group of people who discuss where our money is spent. In my opinion, they are not doing their job.
   I have seen three new vehicles in the past 60 days, added to the city hall. Brand-new beautiful trucks, which must have cost us $20,000 a rig. There goes $60,000.
   One is driven by the building inspector, who should be driving an economical car, not a truck. She does not utilize a truck. The second person runs the sewer and maintenance department. He does no dirty work and has nothing. The third person pushes a pencil most of the day, and he also puts nothing in the back of his truck.
   I would have thought these people would have been directed to buy something smaller and more economical. I mean, to have a nice big truck, you need to carry some kind of material in bulk.
   Utilize those new trucks. If they had bought something new and matching for the maintenance department, I would not have written this letter. From what I have seen, their trucks are old and they are in need of newer vehicles.
   I also hope after spending all that kind of money, they have money for our park, roads, and wherever. Ego should be replaced with common sense.

Debbie Woods, Duvall