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Replacement procedure called unprofessional

unprofessional procedures Referencing the letter of resignation submitted by Fire Commissioner Jim O'Dell:
   Immediately following the reading of the letter, Commissioner David Callon pulled a resume from his notebook and made a motion to appoint citizen Don Eddy as the replacement to Jim O'Dell's position.
   Chairperson Susan Dickson objected, and felt that Jim O'Dell's suggestion that his replacement be done objectively was completely ignored. Commissioner Don Leggett then seconded the motion and Commissioner Dickson continued her objections to the motion.
   Commissioner Leggett persisted until a vote was called for and the motion passed, with Commissioners Leggett and Callon voting in favor and Commissioner Dickson opposing the appointment, with no consideration or notice given to the other potential candidates.
   At this point, Commissioner Susan Dickson had to leave the meeting to attend to some emergent personal business. As she stood to leave, Commissioner Callon made another motion to appoint Don Leggett to her position as Chairperson of the Board. Obviously, the motion passed even before Commissioner Dickson had left the room.
   In my 20 years of management and leadership experience, I have never witnessed such an unprofessional and blatant abuse of power to further the agendas of those who not one month ago told the employees of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety that the board was united and committed to do what was best for you, the citizens.
   As a member of this community for 20 years, and a volunteer firefighter with this department for the last 19 years, I am truly appalled and concerned at the direction the board is currently taking. If the board does not like the direction the department is going, they need to address this in a professional manner and provide strong leadership in doing so.
   We, the citizens of Woodinville, determine who serves on the Board of Fire Commissioners, and I feel a strong need to encourage every citizen to attend the commissioner's meetings to ensure our priorities as a community are met.

Chuck Royal, Woodinville