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City cannot afford mistakes

disastrous mistakes Taxpayers beware: We lost some of our revenue from the lack of effort and research on the part of your city government.
   After the last Woodinville City Council meeting, our neighborhood was pleased to see that the following day, the corrective street project in the Kingswood area was started. This project, perhaps, will correct the blunder made by the City of Woodinville when they chip-sealed the streets eight months ago. Frankly, we do not know what prompted the chip seal project in the first place, for there was no apparent problem with the pavement.
   The chip seal resulted in a mess of tar and gravel. The gravel made the streets unsafe for children to play and damaged automobiles. The tar tracked onto driveways and gutters and into houses, where it cannot be cleaned from carpets.
   At this point, I must acknowledge that not all the City Council members nor the Mayor were involved with the decision to chip-seal our streets; however, when we were being apologized to by the council, one member called us guinea pigs. I am not, nor are my neighbors, rodents. We would like an apology.
   The repair currently underway, unfortunately, is also at taxpayers' expense, not to mention the insurance costs from claims that are pending. It is my hope that the city will be more prudent in the future when it decides to undertake projects with which they have no experience. Perhaps phone calls to other local area city officials could have educated our city employees. Not to mention the City Council.
   Woodinville is a small community and does not have the ability to spend money like there is no tomorrow. Are your taxes high enough? A 25-cent phone call to Redmond could have saved us thousands of dollars, folks.
   We cannot afford these types of mistakes to happen in our city. What really bothers me is the accountability. Whose idea was this, anyway?

Kent Parkinson, Woodinville