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Resurfacing shows city government cares

city government cares On behalf of the Kingswood area residents, especially the children, I would like to thank you and the Woodinville City Council for resurfacing our neighborhood streets.
   As a result of the new asphalt overlay, our children now are able to rollerblade, roller skate, bicycle, and play in their neighborhood without us worrying about them getting hurt.
   The City of Woodinville, by its commitment to resurface our residential neighborhood streets with a layer of asphalt, demonstrated that the city government cares about the safety and comfort of its residents, especially the children.
   I also would like to commend the Woodinville City Council for their decision to abandon chip sealing projects on all Woodinville residential streets. This decision is a sound decision based on the safety of the Woodinville residents.
   I thank you for your help and your efforts in this matter. I look forward to see more cooperation between the City of Woodinville government and the residents of this city.

Hossein Barahimi, Woodinville