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County hasn't been requiring land swap

land swap I managed to hold my tongue the first time the Hollywood Hill Association spokesman proclaimed the association indeed is not opposed to the proposed downtown fire station (even though they appear to be erecting every imaginable hurdle to see it doesn't happen), but when the Woodinville Weekly printed his letter again, it was too much.
   As to replacing land removed from the Agricultural Production District (APD) and the statement that "no one in the county has successfully accomplished such a swap," could the reason for that be that up until now, the county has blithely removed land from various APDs without requiring substitution? Like the Theno's Dairy property across from Molbak's greenhouses on NE 124th, and the Magnolia Dairy property by Bothell? (The latter was removed via a 7-line amendment sponsored by Councilman Brian Derdowski in 1992. Theno's was done during the 1994 Complan adoption process.)
   Besides, there's a strong legal argument that the Rural Area 2.5-acre-zoned fire station property was never legally included in the APD, along with the church, school, and General Telephone faciltiy to the south, which were also included. The county, by the way, is in the process of trying to quietly slip those properties out of the APD--without requiring replacement property, mind you.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville