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Still no sidewalk; worst fears may come true

still no sidewalk Summer is upon us once again, and most of us try to find any reason possible to be outside and enjoy the sun: from gardening, boating, riding a bike, walking, etc. The latter of these reasons is at the core of why I am writing to you today.
   Each day for the past three years that I have been a resident of this wonderful town, I am a witness to pedestrians, bike riders, dog walkers, and small children earnestly trying to make their way up or down 130th Avenue NE. What amazes me is the still-remaining lack of a sidewalk on at least one side of this street!
   I wrote to you last year in an October issue about my concerns and got zero feedback from any of the fellow readers, which greatly disappointed me. I was positive there had to be some residents of this neighborhood that were as upset as I was about this dangerous situation. Perhaps with the onset of beautiful weather, people will start to take notice of this and jump on the bandwagon for solving this easily-remedied situation.
   I realize school is out for the year, so the constant stream of school children may be minimized, but the increase in families, exercisers, etc., balances out the difference, and the bottom line still remains: A large number of people walk along 130th Avenue and are not given the privilege of a buffer zone between themselves and the constant passing of cars, trucks, truck-driving school students, etc.
   Why is this so much to ask from our city? With the increase in large businesses and food chains, more and more people are flocking to our town, which means an increase in automobiles. This, in turn, raises the chances of my worst fears coming true--a pedestrian/vehicle accident along 130th.
   Woodinville residents and town leaders, please recognize that this is a definite need of our community and help me in making this come true. We owe it to ourselves and our children.

Melissa Ross, Woodinville