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Northshore's valedictorians share ideas, plans for the future

Northshore's valedictorians The three Northshore high schools graduated 19 valedictorians this year. These students will be attending colleges and universities around the nation to pursue an array of interests. Some of the valedictorians talked about their futures.

From Inglemoor High School:
   Laurie Garrity, daughter of Bill and Marla Garrity, will attend Seattle Pacific University with an intended major in education. "I took a class called Careers with Children," she said. "That really helped, because I want to be an elementary school teacher."
   Pooja Khandekar, daughter of Bharati and Mohan Khandekar, plans on attending the University of Washington for two years, then transferring to UCLA for its communications program. Mr. Curtis, her English teacher of two years, has greatly influenced her. "He just makes me a better thinker," she said.
   Ryan Ogliore, son of John and Judy Ogliore, will attend Claremont McKenna College in California with an interest in either math or physics. While he has enjoyed math, particularly calculus, he will always remember being a member and captain of the cross-country team. "We were all good friends on the team," he said. "That's probably my best memory."
   The five other Inglemoor valedictorians were Katie Toop, Kelly Hopkins, Kevin Zatloukal, Kumar Narayanan, and Stephanie Rickert.

From Bothell High School:
   Lenore Mangalindan, daughter of Nathaniel and Ofelia Mangalindan, will attend the University of Washington with a focus on pre-med studies. "I've always wanted to be a pediatrician," she said. Mangalindan participated in the district's health occupations program, gaining medical experience as an intern in nursing homes and by shadowing professionals.
   Chara Rydzak, daughter of Steve and Robyn Rydzak, will head to Stanford University with plans to pursue either science or math. "That's where I've always wanted to go," she said. She will be swimming for Stanford's synchronized swim team, most likely on varsity.
   Kyle Vixie, son of Arlen and Patricia Vixie, will attend the University of Washington on a full ride scholarship from the UW Alumni Board, with an intended major in business administration. This summer, he will begin his path toward becoming a movie producer with an internship at Universal Studios in California.
   Kristen Lanier, daughter of Tex and Joan Lanier, will attend Otterbein College in Ohio, with an interest in equine science. She has enjoyed taking challenging high school classes, in addition to horseback riding, reading, and drawing.
   Fatima Malik, daughter of Bashir and Bushra Malik, will attend the University of Washington, with interests ranging from the sciences to international studies. "English is a big focus," she said. Her major interest is poetry. She plans to publish some day.
   Xenia DeLeon, daughter of Roy and Annie DeLeon, will attend St. Martin's College in Lacey on a full ride scholarship to pursue an interest in elementary education. She said she would like to "influence children by making a positive impact."
   Kelly Desy was also a Bothell valedictorian.

From Woodinville High School:
   Daniel Kidd, son of Daniel and Brenda Kidd, will attend Brigham Young University with plans to major in business. An integral part of Kidd's high school career has been sports. The enjoyment, he said, "came in being with the team, being in the playoffs."
   Diane Mahlum, daughter of Shirley and Gerald Mahlum, will attend the University of Washington and perhaps study Romance languages. "I like learning the French language and about the French culture," she said.
   Mina Hochberg, daughter of Gi and Henry Hochberg, will attend Cornell University in New York to study communications and writing. "Writing is important to me," she said, "but there are so many other things I want to explore." Hochberg looks forward to enriching experiences as the next few years progress.