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Twenty-four Northshore employees to retire

retiring employees The Northshore School District recently honored 24 retiring employees.
   Pat Amundson spent 23 years teaching social studies--12 years at Leota and 11 years at WHS. She was part of the team that initiated a gifted program for the junior high students, won a Coe Fellowship to Stanford, and was named the University of Washington and D.A.R. History Teacher of the Year.
   Sandra Atkinson has been in the district for 21 years, most recently at Canyon Creek Elementary teaching second grade.
   Essie Beeston began in 1978 as the IHS Counseling Secretary. Most recently, she has been an administrative assistant to principal Dave Rumppe.
   Doug Brender has been with the district for 30 years, working mostly at the junior high level.
   Dr. Jeanne Anne Craig has been a psychologist with the district since 1978, the last four at Woodmoor and Moorlands.
   Ann Damerow joined the district in 1978 and has taught English and language arts at Bothell High School and Northshore Junior High.
   Boyd Eanes has worked as a journeyman mechanic in the transportation dept. for 25 years.
   Nancyhelen Fischer joined the district in 1974 and has taught special education at Shelton View Elementary.
   John Garcia has worked as a journeyman mechanic in the transportation department since 1985.
   Jean Garrity has spent 29years teaching everything from sociology to world history to senior issues, a curriculum she helped develop.
   Art Garza has worked in the district for over 10 years, most recently as a custodian at I.H.S.
   For 33 years, Ed Gray has been a teacher, an elementary librarian, a junior high librarian, president of NSEA, and a supervisor of instructional materials.
   Marty Johnson, a physical education teacher for 27 years, has taught at Bothell High School and Kenmore Junior High.
   Susan Klock is retiring after 31 years teaching second and third graders at Kenmore and Lockwood.
   Phyllis Noble has taught kindergarten at Canyon Creek, Hollywood Hill, Moorlands, Sunrise, and Fernwood.
   Alice Overby has been a bus driver with the district for 8 years.
   Ruth Poe, presently the cook manager at Woodmoor Elementary, retired after 23 years with Northshore.
   Harry Porter has worked for the school district for 15 years in the grounds department.
   Gerald Rhodes, an IHS math teacher and department chair, has been with the district for 25 years.
   Eloise Rutherford has taught music at Canyon Creek for 12 years and at Kenmore for 6.
   Patricia Southern worked for 16 years as a cook assistant, most recently at Woodin.
   John Swineheart spent his eight and a half years in Northshore as a carpenter.
   Carolyn White has worked at Bothell High School, first as both an English teacher and a librarian.
   Janet Genther is not a Northshore School District employee, but has close ties with the district. She has been the Northshore representative with the Cascade UniServ Council for 15 years, going back to the years of Frank Love.