The Carnation 4th of July

Bike trip to Utah for 'original couch potato'

  About every five years, the Woodinville resident packs up and leaves behind his world of computers, telecommuting and crowds of people and trades it in for the open road ahead and a bicycle beneath him.

The saga of the old stump house home

  Thirty years ago historian Ralph Taylor, now deceased, took me out into the hinterland above Duvall to show me an old cedar tree stump house in which one old timer had once lived in peace and solitude.


Jurassic Park weeds-Horsetail in the garden

Field horsetails, Equisetum arvense, named for their upright brushy shape, are among the most troublesome, invasive, and downright maddening of weeds in the Pacific Northwest.

Prospective young dental patients try out the teddy bear chair.

  A string quartet playing in the background set the tone for the dedication of the new Washington Dental Service Foundation Dental Clinic at Lake Washington Technical College.

Four wheels, five toes

  Seattle has a number of unique landmarks, known throughout the Northwest: the Space Needle, the Kingdome, Pike Place Market and, of course, the toe truck.