Carol Edwards/Woodinville Weekly

  "The trick is not to be in a hurry," says Peter Marks, who describes himself as the original couch potato. Marks will be biking from Woodinville to Utah in July.
   Bike trip to Utah for 'original couch potato'
   by Jeff Switzer
   For Peter Marks, it's that time again.
   About every five years, the Woodinville resident packs up and leaves behind his world of computers, telecommuting and crowds of people and trades it in for the open road ahead and a bicycle beneath him.
   "I was the original couch potato," said Marks, who wasn't a tri-athlete in college and isn't training heavily in preparation for the journey. Instead, he uses the first week of his trip as his training.
   Marks is going to Zion National Park in Utah, drawn by the series of downhill tunnels there which require a lighted ranger escort.
   On something of a maiden voyage, he will be riding his 4-year-old counterpoint presto recumbent bicycle, a bike that has the rider leaning back with the pedals hooked up to three chains in the front. The bike was a gift to himself when he moved to Woodinville and he rides it around in the Wellington area.
   He says this trip has been building up in him for the past year or two, and he hadn't been able to make the time since he moved to Woodinville.
   "The trick is not to be in a hurry," he said. When asked how he compares with the typical cross-country riders, he says, "they're the guys who pass me."
   No stranger to long voyages, Marks has taken bike trips from San Diego to Yellowstone; from Indiana to Arizona; and from Austin, Tx., to Utah.
   "The trip in southeast Utah is one of the prettiest in the country," Marks said. "The nice thing about a trip like this is you can go until you stop, stop until you get bored, and then go again."