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Property tax appeal deadline changes

  This year, deadlines to appeal property assessments will be 30 days after the revaluation notice is mailed. The usual July 1st deadline will not apply.
   The Department of Assessments will begin mailing the postcard notices around the middle of July to taxpayers, and will continue to mail notices into the fall. A mailing date will appear on the front of each notice. The deadline for filing will be 30 days from that mailing date.
   When you receive your notice of value, check to be sure the assessment is reasonable. If the value is higher than the property could be sold for, an appeal should be filed with the King County Board of Equalization. Appeal instructions will be on the back of the postcard notice.
   The 1996 assessment sets the value on which 1997 property taxes are based. The assessed value of the property multiplied by the tax rate will determine the tax due. The tax rate will be set in January for the February tax bill.
   For information, call 296-3496.