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Old school links Woodinville with its past

Sorenson complex Well, there goes Mr. Dixon pretending not to know that the Sorenson complex is not just one building but actually two.
   The old building that the City Hall now occupies was built in 1936 to replace the old school building that was in Woodinville. So that makes the building 60 years old, and admittedly it has some problems. But that doesn't mean there aren't many uses community groups, senior citizens, youth organizations couldn't make of that building.
   It presents a face to the public when they come into Woodinville that links it with its past, and I don't think anyone can deny that something like that is worth saving.
   Then there is the newer building that was actually constructed in the mid 1970s, which means it is just 20 years old, which in today's age-related society is just in its prime! This part of the complex was built as one of the first of its kind in the state for developmentally disabled students, and when it opened, the students were bused there from all over the Eastside. It was built by the district with a very high ratio of state matching funds, so there was nothing missing that went into the construction and quality of the building.
   Mr. Dixon also needs to find out some facts about why the Woodmoor school was built. It was definitely not because the Sorenson School was falling down. The district needed to build a new elementary school in that area, and since ideas had changed in the educational community about how to challenge the developmentally disabled students, they decided to combine a new school into one that could do both.
   So don't believe Mr. Dixon when he says the city will be stuck with an outdated building for a civic center. I would like to ask Mr. Dixon where he thinks there would be a better location for a civic center if not in the downtown area.
   And where does he think the city could buy a location like that with buildings already constructed and viable for many years to come, without it costing them at least twice as much money?
   I also don't want you to think that I am sitting up here on Hollywood Hill telling the taxpayers in Woodinville to pass taxes on their property and it doesn't affect me. We still own commercial property in downtown Woodinville that will be taxed for payoff of these bonds--and I still say "Go for it!" It's the only thing to do!

Donna DeYoung, Woodinville