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One of the most capable chiefs

capable chief The following letter was written to Woodinville Fire Chief Jim Davis, with a request for publication:
   I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the privilege that has been mine to serve under your very capable leadership as a Chaplain for the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District for over seven years.
   I have had the honor of serving a number of Fire Departments as their chaplain in various communities from Michigan to Wisconsin, California, and Washington, where I also pastored churches. These experiences have convinced me that you have been one of the most capable chiefs under whom I have ever served.
   Your leadership ability, coupled with your poise, honesty, and knowledge in all phases of fire and safety procedures is greatly to be admired.
   I also thank you for your kindness in keeping me on call if a dire emergency occurs.
   I will be making contact with the chief at the Warm Beach Fire Department concerning the opportunity of working in his unit as soon as I get settled in our new home.

Heber Van Gilder, Chaplain

Editor's Note: The Van Gilders recently moved to the Warm Beach Senior Community near Stanwood after living in Woodinville for many years.