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'Doers' and 'talkers'

Kingswood chip seal The following letter was written to the City of Woodinville with a request for publication:
   I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the completion of the overlay project in the Kingswood area. I have learned things that I didn't want to learn necessarily and things about city officials that greatly disappointed me. I have learned that people will tell you things they think you want to hear in hopes you will go away and forget.
   In this year, I have found out who are the "doers" and who are the "talkers" amongst the people who are running our City of Woodinville.
   I would like a special thanks to go to Lucy DeYoung and Don Brocha who have been with us from the start. To Barbara, who entered this mess late, nonetheless has been helpful.
   I believe we have the right to know who okayed the chip seal project and why Mountlake Terrace was chosen to do the work and who did the final inspection and why it was approved. A lot of money was spent on the chip seal without any investigation as to whether or not it was a success in other cities.
   To Maria Stakes, who also came late in the game, thank you for your contribution; also to Gary Wiggins, who was very helpful with the new overlay. I hope the council members keep their word and come out to see the overlay completed.

Pat Graves, Woodinville