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Damaging integrity of the neighborhood

proposed housing development Two adjoining developments are proposed in my neighborhood (NE 186th St. between 136th Ave. NE & 132nd Ave. NE). One project calls for 18 single-family houses to be built on two acres. The other two acres (14 homes proposed) would be landlocked if not included in the 32-house package, accessible on NE 186th.
   We are zoned for six houses per acre (not including the area of the road to be built). The heaviest density in the area now is four houses per acre. Even six will not be in keeping with the surroundings.
   The city is offering the developer a "density incentive" for providing affordable housing in our area. Some of these proposed lots are smaller than 1/15th of an acre! We will have at least 64 cars a day added to our already overcrowded street and 50-80 kids with no yards and no place to go. I envision an increase in crime and traffic problems.
   Several residents have expressed the possibility of having to move if they can't maintain the type of lifestyle they moved here for. Building more than four to six houses per acre damages the integrity of our neighborhood.
   Does the city have any obligation to the residents who have been living here (many for 20 years or more), or is the priority to the growth plan, which is too heavy for this neighborhood?
   I urge concerned people to call and write to the city's planning department (489-2754) and attend the hearing, which has not yet been posted.

Robert Margoshes, Woodinville