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Commmitment to recycling

recycling The King County Solid Waste Division wishes to thank the residents of Bothell and the north portion of King County for their participation in the Special Recycling Event at Bothell High on June 8.
   1,830 King County residents brought more than 135 tons of recyclable materials, which included 67 refrigerators, 952 used tires, 68 tons of wood waste, and 33 tons of scrap metal.
   On Sept. 21, the Solid Waste Division will be returning to Bothell High School for the Fall Collection Event. The same materials will be collected, with only one exception: concrete, rock, asphalt, and brick will be collected instead of wood waste. Residents should receive an announcement in their mailboxes during the first week of September.
   We appreciate the commitment that King County residents have made to recycling.

Rodney G. Hansen, Ph.D., P.E.