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News from the Metropolitan King County Council

Metropolitan King County Council by Louise Miller, Vice Chair, District 4 Representative
A recent report presented to the King County Board of Health indicates the Bothell-Woodinville area has one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in King County. However, a recent tragedy in our community has focused attention on the issues of teen health, the accessibility of confidential health services, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. While these tragedies are rare, they indicate the need for outreach to teens at risk.
   Starting in October, the Northshore public health center in Bothell will offer special walk-in hours in their teen clinic, joining the seven other health centers in the county that currently offer this service. The Public Health Department is making the move in response to increasing numbers of Northshore teens utilizing the health center in north Seattle.
   The health centers offer a variety of confidential family planning and health services including pregnancy testing, HIV/STD testing, contraception, overall health assessment, and health education. The health centers also offer support and assistance to parents in educating their teens on health issues and referrals to other physical and mental health services. For more information, call the Northshore health clinic at 296-9787.