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Determining the future of the Sammamish Valley

Sammamish Valley's future What is the Sammamish Valley's future? Will the open farmland properties remain in an Agricultural Production District, or will those properties someday become developed into commercial businesses?

Guest Editorial

Answering questions about the Fire Board

Fire Commissioner responds by David Callon, Woodinville Fire Commissioner
I appreciate the interest of all concerned citizens. As a Fire Commissioner, I am willing to discuss issues about the Fire Department or decisions made by the board.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. Please send them to us at: P.O. Box 587 or 17936 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd.; Woodinville, WA 98072; or deliver them to our office. They may also be faxed to (206) 486-7593. Letters must be signed and must include a daytime telephone number for confirmation. They may be edited.

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Put an end to personal fireworks

personal fireworks I am so tired of 4th of July, I have begun to dread it each year. It always means a week of sleepless nights, upset pets, and tons of trash in my yard and around the neighborhood that people do not bother to pick up!

County parks issue means picnics, not ballfields

parks/open space bond King County deserves a strong "no" vote on its upcoming $215,000,000 parks/open space bond issue.

City using smoke and mirrors to convince voters

smoke & mirrors At the July 8th Woodinville City Council meeting, I asked the council to delay the vote on the Sorenson School Bond Issue until the November election to give time for investigation of alternatives.

New rendition of defeated proposition

defeated proposition No matter how you vote, if it isn't the "politician's" way, they will just offer it again ... until the "no-voters" get enough sense to know they were stupid to not know the right way to vote ... "Yes!"

'America' is at stake in November

presidential election According to polls, Americans don't care much about character in a president, as long as he understands America's problems. But what good is understanding a problem if you're determined not to do anything to correct it?

Working for a viable solution to issue of water well use

Taylor Landing water well I would like to commend Mayor Glen Kuntz and the Duvall City Council for their actions at the City Council meeting on July 11 in regards to the Taylor Landing Well issue.

Corporate profit not the bottom line for citizens

pipeline proposal Advisory petitions against a Texaco, Arco and GATX proposed oil and gas pipeline from Woodinville to Pasco and through the Snoqualmie Valley will make a difference.

Go to the source for information.

go to the source I'm a born-again Christian. I asked God for friends before I became a Christian.

Young readers write

This section continues with excerpts from letters written by young people concerned about today's issues and events. More letters will appear in following weeks.

Strong women ignored by the media

women ignored by media Watching television recently, I have noticed the roles of male and female are as defined as they were in the fifties, though many times more violent.

Close the generational gap

generational gap It's a fact, the elderly population is growing. In the year 2000, there will be more than four million people over the age of 85. With this growing number of people, there comes a growing number in our society that require institutional care.

Homelessness can happen to anyone

homelessness As you walk down the streets of Seattle, you see homeless people on many street corners. You think to yourself, "that could never happen to me." But could it?

View skateboarding from skater's point of view

skateboarding Skateboarding is becoming a more popular activity among teenagers. One of the issues teenagers are discovering is the lack of places to skate except at business parks and schools.

Importance of rainforests

rainforests How many acres of rainforest do you think are being cut down every minute? Almost 80 acres are being cut down. They supply almost 70 percent of the world's oxygen.