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Strong women ignored by the media

women ignored by media Watching television recently, I have noticed the roles of male and female are as defined as they were in the fifties, though many times more violent.
   I see woman as the victim, helpless, submissive, and powerless in everything, except for approving household items and taking care of her man in advertisements. She is appalled when she discovers dirty laundry and is bubbling over with excitement when she gets a dish soap that will keep her hands soft.
   Where has the strong woman gone in the media? She is under-represented and ignored.
   In a world where 2,000 women are raped every day and eight million in America alone have eating disorders, girls are growing up with conflicting and harmful messages. Media pressure to be thin has repressed adolescent girls to the point that on any given day, one-half of teenage girls are dieting and one in five has an eating disorder.
   As you sit to watch television, a movie, read the newspaper, a magazine, or even glance at a billboard, you are seeing and hearing a message of submission. For girls, it is conforming, keeping quiet, and becoming a victim.
   Everyone is affected by the media, and everyone can become aware of the enormous pressure of it by paying attention.
   Maybe as people look around them clearly for the first time, we can begin to break through the sterotypes and sexism that pervades our country. Maybe we can help those starving girls next door.

Tera Kelley, Bothell