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View skateboarding from skater's point of view

skateboarding Skateboarding is becoming a more popular activity among teenagers. One of the issues teenagers are discovering is the lack of places to skate except at business parks and schools. These areas do not want skateboarders on their property. Skateboarders do not have a place to skate, and this is the issue.
   Some people look at us as troublemakers who are taking over an area designated for other uses. People sometimes get angry at us for skating in these areas where we are not wanted.
   Most people I see when I'm skateboarding give me dirty looks, yell at me, and give my friends and me a bad time, even when we are not doing anything to offend them. This last weekend some guy yelled out of his car and called my friends and me punks. He is the kind of person who I believe discriminates against skateboarders.
   People should be tolerant and not give us such a hard time if they want us to stop skating. Instead of complaining about it, they should ask us nicely to stop.
   I think every city in Snohomish County should have a skate park. That would solve the problem about trespassing and violating any property rights. It would decrease the discrimination towards us because we would be in a skate park and not skating on private property, such as business parks and schools.

Devin Meyer, Woodinville