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Importance of rainforests

rainforests How many acres of rainforest do you think are being cut down every minute? Almost 80 acres are being cut down. They supply almost 70 percent of the world's oxygen. They also have many insects and other amazing creatures. In fact, the rainforests have the greatest diversity in the world.
   The problem is that people farm their land, but they farm it incorrectly by clearcutting the forests so they can only farm for one or two years. By then, the land is infertile. If they just left some of the trees, then the land would stay fertile and it would help sustain the rainforest.
   Many species of plants live in the rainforest. Those plants give medicine to the world. The more farmers and loggers cut, the more different kinds we lose and the more medicine and potential medicine we lose.
   Scientists say that some of the medicines we have now are not working any more, so we need to find new medicines. The rainforest is good for many things, like food, oxygen, and even medicine.
   So with that in mind, don't eat food from restaurants that get their beef from the rain forests. Or volunteer, raise money to buy acres of rain forest, or just write letters to companies that endorse the deforestation of rainforests.

Scott H. Pinney, Bothell