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Put an end to personal fireworks

personal fireworks I am so tired of 4th of July, I have begun to dread it each year. It always means a week of sleepless nights while people discharge fireworks until 2 a.m., upset pets who are scared of the noise, and tons of trash in my yard and around the neighborhood that people do not bother to pick up!
   Why should I have to pick up fireworks residue that I do not believe should be allowed in the first place? Why should I have to go to work "bleary-eyed" because parents do not supervise their kids and make them stop lighting these damn things after 10 p.m. (or some other reasonable hour)?
   The central public fireworks are beautiful and safe and controlled. The Woodinville display was fantastic!
   It should be illegal to have personal fireworks. How many houses have to burn down, how many kids must be maimed, and how much trash has to be left behind before someone puts an end to personal fireworks?
   Please, please make it illegal to discharge personal fireworks in Woodinville. It would make our neighborhood cleaner, safer and more liveable.

Laurel McLaughlin, Woodinville