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'America' is at stake in November

presidential election According to polls, Americans don't care much about character in a president, as long as he understands America's problems. But what good is understanding a problem if you're determined not to do anything to correct it?
   Contrary to what the mainstream media would like Americans to believe, it's been Clinton who has vetoed the reforms necessary to save America. And I do mean "save."
   Character matters! Honesty, integrity, truthfulness--they matter. This president defines the phrase "symbolism over substance." This administration defines the term "corruption."
   Doesn't anyone remember Clinton's 1992 campaign tactic of pretending to support conservative ideas? A middle-class tax cut? He certainly didn't mean it then, why are people believing him now?
   This nation has a national debt in excess of 5 trillion dollars. The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds are empty. Even this balanced budget path steals every surplus dollar from 150 or so government trust funds to get a balance--SSI and Medicare included.
   Are Americans so selfish that we would sacrifice future generations to maintain the "status quo?"
   All I ask is that people use their brains and not blindly accept what the media tells them. The liberal elite is hiding a dangerous secret, and it is America's future at stake.

Michael Costello, Redmond