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Working for a viable solution to issue of water well use

Taylor Landing water well I would like to commend Mayor Glen Kuntz and the Duvall City Council for their actions at the City Council meeting on July 11 in regards to the Taylor Landing Well issue.
   As a citizen of Duvall, I am thankful that the Mayor and Council are protecting the interests of those who live in the city. To allow comments at a meeting from angry well users who do not live in, or pay taxes in the city, took courage and exhibited a caring attitude.
   I hope that a reasonable solution can be found to allow people to use the well. I was glad to hear the users of the well are receptive to paying their fair share of any costs involved in operating the well.
   As a Duvall taxpayer, I don't believe that monies from my property taxes and city fees should be used to operate something [that does not bring in business or revenue] for the use of people from outside the city.
   Mr. Ansell's comment on forming a task force to study the issue may be a place to begin to find a solution that would be amicable to all parties involved.
   The Mayor and Council displayed their willingness to work for a viable solution in this issue while protecting the best interest of the city. Keep up the good work.

Bud Backer, Duvall