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Corporate profit not the bottom line for citizens

pipeline proposal Advisory petitions against a Texaco, Arco and GATX proposed oil and gas pipeline from Woodinville to Pasco and through the Snoqualmie Valley will make a difference.
   Considering all the risks, corporate profit is just not the bottom line with citizens.
   Signature gathering will continue until the decision is made in 1997, and petitions are welcome at any time up to that point. I have received many petitions, with 1, 10, and even 20-plus signatures. They are all important.
   As we observe the state evaluation process, it will also be of interest to follow the class action suit that was heard in a New York district court June 7.
   The indigenous Peruvians living along the Napo River in the Amazon allege Texaco poisoned the Napo River by dumping millions of gallons of toxic crude in the river. Texaco requested the court dismiss the suit for lack of jurisdiction.
   Stay tuned, folks.

JoAnn Klacsan, North Bend