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Lambert to teach citizen lobbyist class

citizen lobbyist class Rep. Kathy Lambert (R, 45th) will be teaching a class called "Citizen Lobbyists: The Best Kind" at the Redmond Library July 30, 7-8:30 p.m., outlining the basics of how to become involved in the bill and lawmaking process.
   "I was becoming very concerned that we had to hear more of the voices of the people in Olympia and less from the professional lobbyists," Lambert said. "I wanted people to learn how they can be better heard."
   The class starts from the basics of how a bill begins and offers tips on how to make changes along the way, getting heard at hearings and presentations, and how to get information off the Internet at public libraries.
   Lambert will be using examples from "bill books," the Revised Code of Washington, and the Washington Administrative Code.
   To register for the class, call either 861-7725 or (360) 786-7878.