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Molbak's named Key Stockist for Blooms of Bressingham

Adrian Bloom

Adrian Bloom, chairman of Blooms of Bressingham, visits Molbak's display of Blooms perennials.

Key Stockist Molbak's has been chosen as one of only 12 Key Stockists in the U.S. to offer for the first time a selection of new perennials from Blooms of Bressingham.
   Adrian Bloom, chairman of Blooms of Bressingham, was in Woodinville last week to meet with Molbak's staff. Adrian and his father Alan, who began his nurseryman career in 1926, are two of Britain's most prominent horticulturists and nurserymen. They are internationally known for their expertise in worldwide plant collection, their garden books, lectures, and television appearances on BBC.
   Talking about the challenges of traveling to many different countries in the search for new plants and seeds, Bloom described his expansive collection of distinctive plants and herbaceous perennials and alpines.
   "We introduce two to three new varieties a year. We test plants for one, two, and three years and compare it to other plants, making sure it is a good grower and will succeed in a pot as well," Bloom said.
   Available on a limited basis at Molbak's, the plants will vary each season; many will be offered only for one season.