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Bond ordinance sets wording for fall ballot

bond ordinance by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The city council passed 6-0 first reading of an ordinance last week which sets the language and the $6 million amount for the Sept. 17 bond election for the purchase of the Sorenson center property and buildings to be used as a Civic Center.
   Councilmember Art Saulness proposed a successful amendment to the language appearing on the ballot, and while the council approved it 6-0-1, with Deputy Mayor Don Brocha excused, the city's bond attorney will be proposing some slight adjustments at the council's July 15 meeting because the title was six words over the state-defined 75-word limit.
   Former Councilmember Mark Jessup spoke in favor of the upcoming bond issue at the meeting and offered his services for promoting the bond election.
   Former Councilmember Bob Dixon asked the council if the city had considered purchasing a portion of the site and the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse, to which Mayor Bob Miller said he was unaware of the answer and staff would respond.
   Dixon proposed that Northshore School District retain the ballfields for area use, though City Manager Joe Meneghini reiterated that the entire site has been declared surplus, is of no educational value, and will be sold whether the city buys a portion or all.
   Dixon also indicated he may begin gathering signatures under the city's initiative/referendum process to prohibit the council from resubmitting a bond issue within one year after it has failed.
   City Attorney Wayne Tanaka said his perception was that such a referendum would not be valid, though he would not give an official opinion on the matter unless he had documentation of what such an initiative would look like.

Mayor frustrated over Station 32
   Fire Commissioner David Callon addressed the City Council during public comments, discussing the bond attorney's visit to the Fire Board on July 1 regarding the building of two new stations within the district.
   Mayor Bob Miller expressed frustration with the district regarding their lack of communication with the city regarding the proposed downtown station, which is on hold pending word from King County on a "land swap."
   "We've received no information from the Fire District, and we read about it in the Woodinville Weekly," said Miller, a former fire commissioner. "As of this date, we've received absolutely nothing--zero."
   Callon said the decision is on the board's agenda, and asked the council to "please allow [the board] to do our job."
   Miller said he wanted to have a dialogue with the commission, finding out who is on the committee for Station 32, when they meet, and when the decision will be made on the timeline.
   Callon said the council would have a letter addressing those issues within five working days of the meeting.