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'Water Cents' program targets savings

'Water Cents' program In response to customer survey requests, the Woodinville Water District and City of Redmond Division of Natural Resources have embarked on a partnership pilot program developed to help residential customers reduce their water use.
   The Water Cents Program will be targeted to 200 Woodinville and 300 Redmond customers whose summer water use is two-and-a-half times their winter use. The program provides a free on-site analysis of each family's current indoor and outdoor water usage by professionally trained "Water Cents" technicians.
   They will gather information from customers on their current water use, including the number of people living in the home; the number of loads of dishes or laundry done in a typical week; and other data about indoor use.
   The representative will also check the water meter and all plumbing fixtures for leaks and perform a flow rate test on all fixtures.
   Shower heads and faucet aerators have been donated by Washington Natural Gas, Puget Power, Woodinville Water District, and the City of Redmond and will be installed, if needed.
   Outdoors, the representative will take a soil sample, measure the landscaped portion of the property, and test the watering system to determine the amount of water being applied and distribution uniformity.
   The data will then be entered into a computer and a personalized report will be mailed to each participant. The report will provide a graph illustrating where water is currently being used, and offer water conserving suggestions along with likely dollar and water savings.
   The program will officially kick off July 20, with surveys conducted from July 22 to Sept. 30. For more information, call 483-9104, ext. 302 in Woodinville.