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Bear Creek students win at energy contest

contest winners

Left to right--Front: Colin Michael, Bri Agatep, Rachel Kope, Joey Franzese, Eric Peters. Back: Kevin Michael, Kari Franzese, Christy Astel, Laura Kope, Mason Roe, David Fraser, Doug Haines, Lindsay Yost, Dane Deehr.

energy contest The Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) held their energy contest at the Everett Mall, with 18 students from Bear Creek Elementary competing in Straw Tower Building, Heat Transfer, Wind-Powered Cars, and Biomass.
   Bear Creek students who placed 1st were William Yost, Joey Franzese, and Eric Peters in K-1; Nathan Smith and Mason Roe in 2-3; and Matt Smith, Rachel Kope, and Greg Osborn in 4-6.
   Other winners included Colin Michael in K-1; Lindsey Yost, Doug Haines, Davis Fraser, and Ryan Zimbelman in 2-3; and Laura Kope, Kari Franzese, Laura Osborn, and Bri Agatep in 4-6.
   Most of the students admitted to being less than calm during the competition. Mason Roe, who won the Biomass event, said that he was "excited, but mellow. I was thinking, 'I want to win, but if not, that's okay, too.'"
   Rachel Kope, who won Straw Tower Building and placed 2nd in Wind-Powered Cars, said she was even more excited about her project than she had been during her first competition the year before.
   Kari Franzese, who placed 2nd in Biomass, agreed that the competition was "more fun and more interesting" her second year around.
   Bri Agatep, who placed 3rd in Wind-Powered Cars and (like Mason Roe) was a first-time competitor, was simply in a "frenzy."
   The students also found the challenges to be relatively painless. Kope felt this year was easier than her first. Agatep credits her father with helping her design her project. And Roe said that growing plants was "hard work at first, but then they grow pretty fast."
   Franzese, whose brother Joey placed 1st in Heat Transfer and 2nd in Biomass, liked her event so much that she will compete in it next year. All five students interviewed plan to compete again, and would recommend the experience to other kids.