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Woodinville's Mackie Designs unveils new products

Mackie Designs by Matt Schroeder
Woodinville-based Mackie Designs, Inc. turned heads when they unveiled their newest products at the National Association of Music Merchants show July 18 in Nashville, Tennessee.
   Mackie Designs, well-known in the industry for their audio mixers, exhibited their first non-mixer product at the trade show. The Fast Recovery Series M-1200 power amplifier, scheduled for release by October, has built-in features that are usually add-ons in other amplifiers. Additionally, it is designed to maintain sound quality, even at extreme sound levels.
   "I think we've assembled a world-class product development and engineering department," said founder Greg Mackie. "You're going to see some incredibly exciting products coming out in the next six months."
   A sneak preview of the Mackie 8020 High Accuracy Active Studio Reference Monitor was held away from the Mackie booth at the show. The professional audio speaker is still in the preliminary stages, with no production schedule set, but the sneak preview was one of the highlights of the show.
   Finally, the new, expanded feature list for Mackie's upcoming SR40-8 large-format mixing console was announced. Introduced at the January NAMM show, the SR40-8's expanded list contained 20 new features, with no price increase.
   Mackie Designs shareholders are invited to participate in a conference call July 25 at 8 a.m. Topics including '96 financial earnings and future plans will be covered. To participate, call 1-800-857-4532 prior to the meeting and ask for the "Mackie" call.