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A poetic opinion

Woodinville Fire District Regarding the Woodinville Fire District controversy, I offer this poem ...

Open or hidden agenda?

hidden agenda I couldn't stand by after last week's paper and not correct the record with regard to the Fire District.

Loss of ball fields to community would be a severe blow

loss of ball fields Thank you, Donna DeYoung, for your recent contribution regarding C.O. Sorenson (July 8 issue). Allow me to put on my selfish tunnel-vision glasses and add a little.

Last open space in downtown Woodinville too valuable to sell to developers

downtown open space The citizens of Woodinville have a unique opportunity to preserve the Sorenson School and ball fields as a Community Center Complex.

Hard work handled the 'hard to recycle'

Cleanup Day We say "Recycle--It's Easy to Do!" But ... that's for the easy stuff. Cleanup Day is the time to recycle the items that are usually "hard to recycle." And that means hard work.

Pipeline part of Big Oil battle

proposed pipeline On behalf of all citizens who oppose Olympic Pipe Line's proposed gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel pipeline, I would like to applaud Mayor Jack Stein for taking a strong stand against this unnecessary risk to our valley.

Upper Valley citizens fortunate to have excellent hospital

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital I wish to express my support of the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and their efforts to provide excellent medical services to the community.