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A poetic opinion

Woodinville Fire District Regarding the Woodinville Fire District controversy, I offer this:

Why did the fire district think it so nifty
To buy three acres for 450?
(Thousand, that is, for ag-zoned land.)
I don't think the citizens thought it so grand.
For there is a hard line
Any city planner will define
That south of the bypass
Is going to stay grass.
I suppose the Fire District could grow corn and peas,
For their attitude has been, "We'll do as we please."
I'd rather drive by and see kids playing in the grass,
And I think the commissioners oughta get a boot in the ass.
Oh, but it's only taxpayer dollars
And they'll keep spending it until some of us holler.
Let them buy dirt off the valley floor,
Then build their new station with a big red door!

Roger Rettig, Woodinville