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Open or hidden agenda?

hidden agenda I couldn't stand by after last week's paper and not correct the record with regard to the Fire District.
  1. It amazes me that if this was all done openly, why was the public called and told: "No meeting, don't attend?" Legal counsel, however, after being called by Chairperson Dickson and told not to attend, still does come to meeting (open or hidden agenda?).
  2. Commissioner Leggett "gladly" accepted O'Dell's resignation and immediately had another person to slide into the position. (Note: Other qualified people had expressed an interest, but they do not have the same views as the current board.) Legal counsel was fully prepared to swear in new commissioner and had paperwork (open or hidden agenda?).
  3. "I told him (Don Eddy) that if an opening occurred, we would give him consideration," Leggett said. It was common knowledge Commissioner O'Dell was leaving (open or hidden agenda?).
  4. There was nothing of urgency on the agenda the evening Chairperson Dickson had to leave. What was the urgency in continuing with the agenda, except no one was there other than legal counsel and a new commissioner (open or hidden agenda?).
  5. Leggett said Commissioner Eddy has demonstrated his interest and wants to serve as commissioner. I believe Eddy does want to serve as commissioner but he has only been involved for approximately six months and maybe consistently for three. Others are interested and have been involved for years (open or hidden agenda?).
  6. If things were so off track according to Commissioner Leggett, why has he continued to vote in most instances in concurrence with the majority of the Board of Commissioners? (open or hidden agenda?)
  7. Sue Dickson submitted her resignation and the board has now decided, "I don't see us getting somebody right away. We've got a majority and we can function very effectively with four," said Leggett. What was the urgency to replace a member before, it had four then, also? (open or hidden agenda?)
  8. If we are saving so much money (thanks to the taxpayers' watchdog), what are the legal bills from last year in comparison to this year, and since it was not budgeted, where is it coming from, thanks to new policy by the board? (open or hidden agenda?)
   Think about the two sides, and you decide.

Mary Baum, Woodinville