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Loss of ball fields to community would be a severe blow

loss of ball fields Thank you, Donna DeYoung, for your recent contribution regarding C.O. Sorenson (July 8 issue). Allow me to put on my selfish tunnel-vision glasses and add a little.
   We can always build sidewalks, pave streets, fix chuckholes, etc. But we cannot always obtain land for new ball fields, and the ones we have are in jeopardy.
   Maxine knows this, Louise knows this, the City Council knows this, the field acquisition groups for Northshore Little League Baseball and Northshore Soccer know this. So why doesn't Bob Dixon?
   It seems to me that young people and their parents are always crying out for something to keep their time occupied so as to keep these young people off the streets and out of trouble. 4,000-plus young soccer players and 3,100-plus young baseball players sure get a lot of use out of these fields.
   But the bottom line is that these numbers are growing. Beneath that bottom line is that new ball fields are a long way off.
   The "Field of Dreams" project didn't happen. The "South Gateway" ball fields and park is so bottlenecked with special interest groups trying to protect what is rightfully theirs and make sure that the right thing happens, it is a long way off, also.
   What we don't know is that some land acquisition person in Seattle is talking to some person in Chicago who is talking to some person in Tampa who is talking to some person in L.A. and saying we have the money to buy the Sorenson property.
   You all know those ball fields down there, the ones that were built with thousands of hours of donated time and labor by local parents and players, and thousands of donated dollars by the same people. You moms and dads remember.
   Remember that bright sunny day when your little person was at the plate, your chest was puffed out with pride, your camera in hand, waiting for that first hit of the season; or that rainy day, your little person covered with mud, a huge smile on their face because they had just scored or saved that goal; or the times it wasn't so good and you got to share the first tears of disappointment with your little person.
   Remember, it happened at Sorenson.
   The people in Chicago-Tampa-L.A. don't care about these moments. The signing of a check can wipe out these moments and those to come. Please, take the time to look at the issues regarding Sorenson and make yourself heard when the time comes.
   Note: There is also alleged movement afoot regarding the Northshore Little League Complex. It seems that there is a group dissatisfied with the current streambed flow. One of the ideas is to reroute this stream back to its original bed. I believe this takes it right through the complex. This shuts the complex down. If we lose the complex and Sorenson, I don't think the blow to the local community could be measured.

Curt Wyatt, President, Woodinville West Little League