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Pipeline part of Big Oil battle

proposed pipeline On behalf of all citizens who oppose Olympic Pipe Line's proposed gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel pipeline, I would like to applaud Mayor Jack Stein for taking a strong stand against this unnecessary risk to our valley.
   I think he hit the nail on the head when he said the pipeline is "nothing but a liability for the entire valley."
   However, I would also like to clear up a misimpression that Mr. Mulkey of Olympic Pipe Line Company may have conveyed in his comments to the Carnation City Council. He stated that the alternative to a new pipeline is increased trucking and hauling by barge over open water.
   Eastern Washington is being served currently by four fuel transportation routes: barges, trucks, and two existing pipelines--one from Billings, Montana, and the other from Salt Lake City, Utah. Both pipelines are operating at 25% capacity with room to grow years into the next two centuries.
   In addition, Olympic's own application states that this pipeline will remove the less than 1% of total truck traffic over I-90 that carries fuel. What they don't tell you is that this pipeline will add over 100 truck trips in the Kittitas Valley.
   Fuel supply to Eastern Washington will not be compromised by not building this pipeline. What will be compromised is Olympic's ability to open another market for Puget Sound refineries.
   This pipeline has nothing to do with Olympic's unselfish desire to supply Eastern Washington with fuel and has everything to do with Big Oil battling over a market currently served by other oil companies. Don't be misled by Mr. Mulkey.
   The valley doesn't need this pipeline; Eastern Washington doesn't need this pipeline. Let's put a stop to this risk to our water and our land.

Terri Corp, Carnation